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Thermo Watch works on iOS / Apple Watch and Mac.

Apple Watch, 

Nest Thermostats,

and Siri.

Together at last.

The simplest and quickest way of controlling your Nest Thermostat*

*Aside from always standing right next to it.


How it works

Download the Thermo Watch

app to your Apple Watch.

Spin the Digital Crown, or swipe up/down on the screen

to adjust the temperature.

Press the screen firmly for additional functions.

While its minimalist looks betray the simplicity of its operation, what they don't show is the amount of planning, design, development and refinement that went into this app, ensuring it becomes something that is enjoyable to use and experience.


The goal was to make a product that would feel like it truly belongs to the Nest ecosystem, and that would not look out of place next to one of Apple's own bundled watch apps.

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